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JUULpods Subscription

The delivery service that brings JUULpods to your door every
month with free delivery.

Subscriptions Include a JUUL C1 Device

Minimum Commitment of 3 Months Required

Do Right

Customise Every Month

Set and forget or change your flavours and quantity each month.

Do Right

Manage Your Schedule

Orders are sent every month on the date that you choose.

Do Right

Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping on every JUULpods Subscription order.

Get Started with a JUULPods Subscription

1. Shop Pods

Go to and begin adding pods to your cart (2x packs minimum).

Select Subscription while shopping to begin your subscription.

2. Customise

Choose your flavours and quantities for your monthly JUULpods shipment.

You can change or postpone a shipment every month.

3. Enjoy

We'll send you a 7-day reminder of your order before it ships. If you run out before then, you can always order more ahead of schedule.

"It ticked

all the boxes

for convenience.”

Chaz, 33
JUUL customer since May 2018

JUULpods Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customer Care Team Is Here For You

Questions or comments? JUUL Care Team is available 9am - 5pm Monday to Sunday.

group-16 Device or JUULpod troubleshooting support

Packaging For order issues

All terms and conditions associated with the use of the website apply to you as a JUULpod subscriber. The company may amend the terms of the JUULpod Subscription service and the website terms of use from time to time at its discretion.

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